Picasso Acquisition



icasso has the technology and know-how to acquire images from all medical imaging diagnostic devices (modalities). If the modality is DICOM compliant no additional hardware is required. Picasso DICOM Server software module communicates with the modality, turning Picasso into DICOM scp. If the modality is non-DICOM and cannot be Dicomized, additional hardware is needed enabling direct frame capture into Picasso . The system is capable of four different capture techniques: 1. Nonstandard video capturing signals up to 140 Mhz as static images (CT, MRI, R&F, X-ray ,etc) 2. Nonstandard video capturing video signals up to 70 Mhz as live video sequences (R&F, catlabs, US) 3. Color still image capture (PAL, NTSC, Y/C, RGB) (endoscopy, microscopy, US…) 4. Color live video sequence capture (endoscopy, microscopy, US…) Additionally, it can acquire images from x-ray and document scanners, TWAIN devices, digital cameras etc  


Picasso and Internet


During any point in the workflow, the exam, or a portion of it can become the subject of a telemedicine session. That is, the physician has the ability to make the exam the subject of an interactive or store and forward transmission of medical data to distant users/collaborators. For example, on the Acquire workstation, the technologist can easily direct the entire exam with images to a remote cardiologist who can read the images, dictate diagnosis and direct the voice dictation to a remote typist, and vice versa. Naturally, all users must have Picasso products. Pharos is an ideal application for exchange and sharing of medical information. The sytem also enables interactive communication between two or more simultaneous collaborators in real time. enables communication using standard POTS, ISDN, Internet or any other network based on TCP/IP.